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Earlier this year, Southeast Europe: People and Culture took musicians, writers, filmmakers and culinary artists on a tour through Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. If you were unable to attend the events or simply wish to relive some of the greatest moments, you can now do so on our website!

In our  video from the Cultural Journey, we follow the artists from one city to another and discuss life and art with them. We hear for example Ognjen Sviličić's views on the characteristics of Balkan cinema, discuss Turkish identity with Ayşe Kulin and learn how Rambo Amadeus defines 'turbo folk'.

In our  photo gallery, we present a selection of the most captivating pictures from the various events. Go and find your favourites!


One of this month’s highlights is an article on the International TV Festival in Bar, Montenegro. This annual event is rapidly turning into one of the region’s best-known festivals for television films and documentaries. We will also take you to the International Festival of Comics and Cartoons, which was held between 8-15 October in Kosovo* and brought together artists from 36 countries.

 Our video of the month takes a look at the International Cinematographers' Film Festival in Bitola, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The event celebrates the lives of the Manaki Brothers, who were pioneering photographers and filmmakers in the Balkans, by presenting a wide selection of both regional and international films.

  Bar Festival Fosters Regional Market for TV Movies Montenegro: 02 November 2010
This year's 15th edition of the  international television festival in Bar, Montenegro's biggest seaport, saw a record number of entries. A total of 227 movies from 170 TV companies and TV production companies from around the world arrived in the town.

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  Festival of Comics and Cartoons in Kosovo*
Kosovo*: 19 October 2010

People still read comics despite enormous competition from the internet and other media technologies - this is the impression that was created after the International Festival of Comics and Cartoons, held between 8-15 October at Prizren's Hamam gallery.

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Video of the month – "Manaki Brothers" Film Festival

The city of Bitola opened its doors to the world at the end of October, when the 31st the International Cinematographers' Film Festival took place there. Honoured with lifetime achievement awards were cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond and actress Daryl Hannah...

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For the whole of November, visitors of the Southeast Europe: People and Culture website will still be able to participate in a competition to win Petrit Çeku’s remarkable classical guitar album. On 1 December, the question of the month will change – and those who get it right have a chance to win an album by one of the most popular Balkan Brass Bands ever – Boban Marković Orchestra!

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Novi Sad Jazz Festival

Novi Sad in Serbia may be better known around Europe for the 'Exit' Festival, but lovers of jazz will not be disappointed with this excellent festival, which will be held this year from 18-20 November.

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Ceremonies in Honour of Rumi

The great poet and philosopher Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi left a profound influence on human thought and art. He died on 17 December 1273, and to celebrate his life, followers of the Mevlevi order – commonly known as dervishes – perform commemorative ceremonies at his mausoleum in Konya, Turkey in the week leading up to 17 December.

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Christmas is coming and it’s time to brush up on recipes for sweets. Spoil the children or just treat yourself and your friends with the  Croatian Chocolate Walnut Bar (Bajadere)!

All the recipes on Southeast Europe: People and Culture are now also available to  download as pdfs on the site. Collect your favourites to your very own cook book!

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