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Regular readers of the website will already be familiar with the talented young classical guitar player  Petrit Çeku. Only 25 years old, he is already making waves across the world.

Featuring a fiendishly difficult transposition of J.S. Bach’s Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor as well as works by G. Regondi, V. Asencio and J. Rodrigo, this album is certain to both impress and soothe any fans of classical music. Do not miss out!!

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This month’s highlights include an interview with Tefik Tefikovski from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, who has returned to his native country after years of working in the construction industry in Italy, and is now promoting the use of local and natural building materials. We will also introduce you to several Albanian film directors, who discuss the influence of the recently deceased British actor, Norman Wisdom on the country’s film industry.  Our video of the month looks at the MESS theatre festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

  Return to Traditional Construction
- The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 16 October 2010

A man with a vision, Tefik Tefikoski, nicknamed “Tutto”, has been working for several years on an exciting project in his native village of Jance, in the  National Park Mavrovo. An expert in construction – he ran his own construction company in Italy for over 15 years – Tefik has launched a project of restoring old houses using only natural materials and reconstructs the houses with their original, traditional look.

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  Sir Norman Wisdom: the "Clown Prince of Albania"
- Albania: 13 October 2010

The British comedian, Sir Norman Wisdom, who passed away in the beginning of this month, was a cult figure in Albania. His movies were some of the few Western films that were permitted to be shown in the country, where he was affectionately known by the name of his most famous character – Norman Pitkin.

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Video of the month – MESS Theatre Festival

This year, the MESS Theatre Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary. For the first time in its history, it was not a competitive event but rather it showcased all that was best in theatre from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the wider Balkan region.

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29th Istanbul Book Fair

Istanbul, one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture will be hosting its 29th annual book fair from 30 October – 7 November. It will be open to the public from 30 October – 2 November. The guest of honour this year will be Spain, with special focus on Spanish literature and translators of Spanish literature. 45 world-renowned authors will attend the festival.

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St Martin’s Day, Croatia

11 November is the day when must traditionally turns to wine in Croatia. It is celebrated widely throughout the country, where public feasts are held in a number of cities. The dish of the day is roast goose. A must for all gourmands!

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This weekend, the clocks turn back one hour. Warm yourselves up in the dark winter months with this
 Serbian Musaka recipe, from Serbia!

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