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We are happy to announce the launch of our
 new video gallery! From interviews with the most creative talents of Southeast Europe, to documentaries on some of the most inspiring festivals Europe has to offer, every clip presents a personal story that allows you to further explore this vibrant region.

In our series of eight city trips to Southeast Europe, you will meet some of the best known cultural figures from the region. Artists such as pop singer Rosela Gjylbegu from Albania, film director Ognjen Sviličić from Croatia and designer Nina Knezević from Bosnia and Herzegovina take you on a guided tour of the places they love.

We will be publishing at least one new video a month that will allow you to look at the region through new lenses. Meet  young designers from Montenegro,  writers from Serbia , and modern  Turkish cooks who are pushing the boundaries of their country’s cuisine, or visit the internationally acclaimed annual  jazz festival in Mitrovica . And this is just the beginning of it!

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This month’s highlights include a piece about Skopje’s Old Bazaar in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which has been restored to its former glory and once again is the beating heart of the city as well as an article about the Meša Selimović Award, which brings together the literary communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.  Our video of the month focuses on the small village of Guča in Serbia, which once a year hosts one of the biggest music festivals in Europe.

  Of Urban Renaissance: Skopje’s Old Bazaar
- The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 02 September 2010

If the ancient  Kurshumli An in the  Old Bazaar in Skopje could by some chance reassume its original function, that of being a hotel, it would no doubt be on par with the most lavish of those existing today. Then, one should only try to imagine it in the 16th century, because this is when it was built by Musein Odza, to give shelter to merchants coming to do business in Skopje’s Bazaar.

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  The “Meša Selimović” Award 2010
- Serbia: 28 September 2010

In the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the birthplace of one of the most important authors of the former Yugoslavia Meša Selimović, a literary award bearing his name is presented every year during the “Cum grano salis” international literary gathering. The award has been presented since 1998 for the best novel in the language region of Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Video of the month – Guča Trumpet Festival

The small town of Guča in western Serbia has no more than 3,000 inhabitants. However, every year, at the end of August, the town turns into the second largest city of the country. The reason is the internationally known traditional brass band gala: the Guča festival. It is often described as "the craziest party in Europe"...

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(photo courtesy of Anders Ahlund)



This festival, known around the world, will feature some of the most outstanding jazz musicians. From Cuban pianist Omar Sosa, to Italian singer Maria Pia de Vito, this dynamic and inspiring event will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy great jazz music. The festival takes place between 21st and 24th of October.

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4th World Rowing Coastal championship

Between the 22nd and the 24th of October, Istanbul will host the 4th World Coastal Rowing Championships. During this event, more than 500 athletes from around the world come together in one of this year's European Capitals of Culture.

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Nettles are one of the healthiest foods that one can eat and are believed to have anti-allergenic properties as well. Try out this  Montenegrin nettle soup recipe and reap the health rewards of eating this overlooked and common wild vegetable.

As an added bonus for the upcoming colder months, all of the recipes on Southeast Europe People and Culture are now also available to download as pdfs on the site so you can collect them and build your very own cooking book!

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