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Southeast Europe: People and Culture is pleased to invite you on a mesmerising photographic journey of the region with the launch of its very own  online photo gallery!!! The gallery will capture your imagination and allow you to further explore the culture, sports and beauty of Southeast Europe...

Southeast Europe: People and Culture’s new photo gallery displays not only the nuanced and often poignant cultural riches discovered by the 24 winners from our photo competition this year, but also the most outstanding natural wonders from the region, giving visitors to the gallery a glimpse of the rich and striking natural beauty that the area has to offer. From the pristine Syri i Kalter spring in Albania to the UNESCO protected Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, the region’s natural delights are waiting to entrance you!

This new and exciting extension to our website adds a new dimension for anyone searching for the natural and human magic abundant in the region.

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This month we will be taking a look at the new and revamped National Gallery of Arts of Albania, which is exhibiting 120 years of Albanian art history in an exciting way. We will also introduce Serbian composer and song writer Kornelije Kovač’s recently published autobiography.

In addition, you can get an insight into the jazz scene in Kosovo* by watching Andrija Igić’s video on the North City Jazz Festival, produced specially for Southeast Europe: People and Culture!

  120 Years of Art, Painting and Sculpture in Albania
- Albania: 02 July 2010

For the first time since the political changes of 1991, Albania’s National Gallery of Arts has successfully managed to exhibit a collection of artworks describing the past 120 years of Albanian art. Shedding light on the development of art in the country, the artworks show a span from 1883, the year when “Sister Tone” by Kol Idromeno was painted, to the beginning of the 21st century.

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  Autobiographical footnotes
- Serbia: 11 July 2010

In March this year, Kornelije Kovač, one of the most important composers of pop and rock music in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, published an autobiography, entitled Fusnota (Footnote). In it, he relates the circumstances which inspired some of the most important songs in his half a century long career. Kovač writes about composing songs for Korni Grupa, his band (1968 - 1974), who were influential pioneers of Yugoslav rock and roll and who went by the name Kornelyans in Western Europe.

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Videos from Southeast Europe – North City Jazz, Kosovo*

From its modest beginnings in 2003, the North City Jazz Festival in the town of Zvečan, on the outskirts of Mitrovica is now a major regional and international event.

Watch the video about the roots of the festival and how it has evolved.


With long, warm nights, summer is the perfect time for festivals. Luckily, the region has excellent culture in abundance. We present you two of the more famous summer events of Southeast Europe:

Ohrid Summer Festival, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Now in its 50th year, 2010 is a special time to go to the Ohrid summer festival. Taking place beside the beautiful lake Ohrid, in or around the 11th century monastery of St. Sophia, this Summer Festival, which takes place from 12 July to 20 August, presents a full programme from classical to contemporary music, from theatre to art to cinema, ensuring that all tastes will be catered to.

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Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s Summer Festival is the oldest in Croatia and one of the best in the region. This year it will take place between 10 July and 25 August. The highlights include a performance by countertenor Max Emanuel Cenčić and an exhibition of contemporary art by Josip Pino Trostmann.

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