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People of Ghent and Antwerp enjoyed the final leg of "Southeast Europe: A Cultural Journey" that took place from 23 – 27 June. The eclectic group of musicians, writers, filmmakers and culinary masters that took part in the Belgian part of the tour presented their work over six days of events.

Music lovers were able to pick their favourite from a wide variety of artists and styles.
 Boban and Marko Marković Orchestra from Serbia shared their ever-popular take on the rapid rhythms of the Balkan Brass Band, while  Irina Karamarkovic from Kosovo* captured audiences with her jazzy tunes and strong, emotional voice. In special literature events, participants had the rare opportunity to hear popular Southeast European authors such as  Ayşe Kulin and Mario Levi (Turkey), Damir Šodan (Croatia) and Igor Štiks (Bosnia and Herzegovina) read from their acclaimed literary works. In addition, several hundred people enjoyed good food, music and films in special outdoors events.

These were just a few of the highlights of a cultural celebration that brought Southeast Europe’s world-renowned artists and best-kept secrets to new audiences.

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This month we take a look at Serbia’s presence at the 2011 Leipzig Book Fair and introduce you to Saša Hajduković's film “December 32nd". Check out the “What’s On” section for some of Southeast Europe’s most interesting summer festivities.

  Serbia comes to Town
- Serbia: 28 June 2010

Serbia will be a special guest country at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2011. It is expected that Serbian literature will receive considerable attention in this event that usually attracts more than 150,000 people over the course of four days. New literary works from Serbia, and their respective German translations, will be on display and presented to international publishers.

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  Living on December 32nd
- Bosnia and Herzegovina: 4 April 2010

Despite a low budget, director and screenwriter Saša Hajduković's enthusiasm, which was shared by the collaborating actors, cameramen, editors and producers, brought to life the story of three couples of lovers in Banja Luka in one New Year's night. The result is a feature film entitled "December 32nd."

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Southeast Europe: A Cultural Journey – Featured Artist

We wrap our profiles of the Southeast Europe: A Cultural Journey artists with an act that wowed audiences from Nuremberg to Antwerp. Boban and Marko Marković Orchestra is the most famous brass band to emerge from the Western Balkans. Founded in 1984, this 12-member band has won several of the most important prizes at Guča Trumpet Festival – the most important Brass Band Festival in the region. The group has received international acclaim after it performed music for Emir Kusturica's films Arizona Dream (1993) and Underground (1995). Since then, they have released several international albums and played in festivals and concerts all over Europe, as well as in the United States and Canada.You can read more about them here.


2nd Istanbul International Ballet Competition

The second Istanbul International Ballet Competition will be hosted within the framework of Istanbul’s Capital of Culture festivities.

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Ohrid Summer Festival 2010

The Ohrid Summer Festival is one of the largest and most important music and drama festivals in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The first concert took place in 1961 in the church of St. Sophia, with its exceptional acoustics. This year, the festival takes place from 12 July – 20 August.

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If you are up for a culinary challenge then Sarma, a classic regional delicacy, for which we offer you the version from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, is just the dish for you. Preparing this will expand your skills and the end-product is sure to impress your dinner guests – Enjoy the experience! Have a look at   this recipe and try it for yourself.

Love to cook food from Southeast Europe? Why not share the taste of the region and send your traditional recipes to:

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