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Many of you may have noticed that we have recently launched the Southeast Europe: People and Culture photo competition! This pan-European contest offers anyone with an interest in photography an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and technical skills through photos depicting culture and sports in Southeast Europe.

Participants can submit a maximum of three pictures by either uploading them on the website,, or sending them by post. The deadline for submissions is 20 January 2010. The four prize-winners will have their photos exhibited in two galleries in Madrid and Brussels, be invited to the opening events of the exhibitions and be able to win some great prizes. Why not get involved and participate?

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This month our writers share some of Southeast Europe’s best kept culinary secrets with you. Our featured contributor for the month, Risto Karajkov from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, takes you on a culinary adventure to see what’s cooking on Croatia’s mainland.  Keep reading to find out more!

We hope you enjoy Southeast Europe!


This month, our writers dish up a range of authentic Southeast European delights with culinary secrets from Croatia and Turkey on the main menu. Find out more below…

  What’s Cooking on Croatia’s Mainland? – Zagreb, Croatia: November 2009

Croatian cuisine is often called the cuisine of the regions, in recognition of the fact that every region in the country has its own distinct culinary tradition.  Croatia’s strong culinary diversity, relative to the size of the country, makes this land an exciting gastronomic adventure.

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  Flavours of Istanbul – Berlin/Istanbul: November 2009

Nezaket Ekici has taken one of the simplest and rewarding cultural encounters – being invited into another’s home to share a meal – and turned it into a performance through which a Berlin audience of eighty are taken on a sensual journey to sample the culture and cuisine of Istanbul.

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This month's featured writer

Name:  Risto Karajkov
Age:  37
Place of birth:  Skopje
Current profession:  Freelance Writer and Analyst

What is your favourite aspect of cultural journalism?
The possibility to tell very different stories, to learn a lot, and to be able to take a break from politics, which is such a dominant theme in journalism.

Which aspects of the region’s culture do you most want to communicate?
Anything which is beautiful is good. We need to dismantle the myth of the Balkans as a place where only bad things happen. We need to re-brand the region.


  Southeast Europe Photo Competition / Deadline: 20 January 2010

Are you passionate about photography? Do you appreciate the beauty of Southeast Europe? Then enter the "Southeast Europe: People and Culture" photo competition and share your vision of the region!

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  European Young Journalist Award 2010 / Deadline: 28 February 2010

The European Young Journalist Award 2010 has been launched! Any young and aspiring journalists, aged 17-35, who are citizens of an EU member state, candidate country, potential candidate or Iceland can submit their entries that focus on EU Enlargement. National juries will select 36 winners, out of whom three will receive further Special Prizes.

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This month’s recipe, Aubergine Puree, is an Albanian speciality that can be served with salad, fresh bread and a good glass of wine for a perfect weekend meal or as a dip to add real flavour to your next cocktail party. Have a look at   this recipe and try it for yourself.

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