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After a month in which cinema from Southeast Europe was in focus in France, Finland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the Cultural Journey 2011 is moving to Germany and Austria to celebrate modern dance and literature from the region.

First up is the  Euro-Scene Festival in Leipzig, Germany, from 8-13 November, which features contemporary theatre and dance from all over Europe. Southeast Europe: People and Culture is supporting the production “Antica” with performers from the Vojdan Černodrinski theatre in Prilep, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The performance will take place under the artistic direction of Branko Brezovec from Zagreb, Croatia. “Antica” is an energetic, thrilling piece of contemporary music theatre. Earnest and ironic at the same time, it is dedicated to themes of the past and present such as reverence for the ancient freedom of religion and tolerance of minorities.

Concurrently,  BUCH Wien, the leading literature festival in Austria, will take place in Vienna from 10-13 November and will feature readings by Muharem Bazdulj (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dragan Velikić (Serbia), Dragana Mladenović (Serbia), Robert Alagjozovski (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and Nikola Madzirov (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). The kick off of BUCH Wien will also be celebrated with musical performances by Ivana Sajko (Croatia) and Darkwood Dub (Serbia) at OstKlub.

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This month we invite you to become acquainted with the unique band from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Foltin, which uses unconventional instruments for percussion, such as combs, tubes, or pots. Foltin spoke with us about their latest album, Penelope X.

Additionally, we get to know Rudina Proda, an artist from Albania who hasn’t allowed her autism to stand in the way of her passion for painting. The video of the month shows highlights from this year’s Balkan Film Food Festival in Pogradec, Albania, which has combined cinematic and culinary traditions from the Balkans in an innovative and exciting way.

  Foltin: Metamorphoses through Time
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 18 October 2011

Foltin first hit it big with their second album, Arhimed, in the winter of 2000. They wore weird costumes akin to monks’ robes and did not have a single conventional instrument on stage, except for the bass guitar. Since then, they have released multiple albums to critical acclaim and produced music for the theatre. When asked how Foltin would describe themselves, the members stated as one, “I think that defining oneself is really not possible,” and choose to leave it up to the audience.

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  Rudina Proda: Albania’s Painter with Special Qualities
Albania: 19 October 2011

For Rudina Proda, a 32-year-old painter with autism from Albania, painting was originally meant to be a part of her treatment. However, it turned out to be just the beginning of a blossoming artistic career. She has become something of a phenomenon in her own country and abroad, taking part in 125 exhibitions throughout Europe alone.

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Video of the month – Balkan Film Food Festival

‎Two of life's great pleasures, cinema and food, were combined this year in an innovative fashion at the first edition of the Balkan Film Food Festival in Pogradec, Albania. Each participating country had one day to show off the best of its cinema and the best of its food. All were winners, and hopefully the festival will continue for many years to come.

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Jazz Fest Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jazz Fest Sarajevo International Music Festival will be held from 1-6 November in Sarajevo. The festival will bring together great jazz musicians from all over the world.

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Interliber Fair, Zagreb, Croatia

The Interliber International Book and Teaching Appliances Fair will be held in Zagreb from 8-13 November. This year's INTERLIBER fair will feature presentations, appearance of a large number of publishers and writers, as well as a rich programme of professional and accompanying events.

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This month’s recipe is  Fırın Sütlaç (baked rice pudding) from Turkey. This is a great recipe to enjoy as autumn settles in and the days get shorter and cooler!

All the recipes on Southeast Europe: People and Culture are now also available to  download as pdfs on the site. Collect your favourites for your very own cook book!

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