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We are delighted to announce that in the next few months Southeast Europe: People and Culture will be partnering with some of the best cultural festivals in the EU such as the famous  Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam (classical music), the  Raindance Festival (film) in London and  Buch Wien (literature) in Vienna.

Keep checking the website for details as we will soon be revealing the exciting talents whose work will be showcased at these festivals!


This month we also meet director Haris Pašović from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who has created a multimedia spectacle entitled Europe Today, which explores the questions hanging over European identity and politics, and Çiğdem Mater, the Turkey coordinator of the Turkish-Armenian Cinema Platform, which has achieved fantastic results in the short period since it was founded. The video of the month takes us to Tirana, Albania to a special place called “Zenit”. Part bookstore, part publishing house, part art gallery and part tourism centre, Zenit has become a hive of cultural activity in Albania’s capital, hosting events such as ‘The Fair of Albanian Art’ and ‘World Book Day’

  Europe Today
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 06 June 2011

“Miroslav Krleža (1893-1981), whom many consider to be the finest Croatian author of the 20th century, wrote an essay in 1935 entitled Europe Today. Little could he have known that over 70 years later his words would be considered as relevant as when they were written. Director Haris Pašović has created a multimedia theatre spectacle out of this essay, which mixes drama, music and dance and which has been impressing audiences throughout the region.

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  Cinema platform brings together filmmakers from Armenia and Turkey
Turkey: 21 June 2011

Recently, a number of civil society initiatives have sprung up that encourage dialogue and cooperation between Armenia and Turkey. One of these is the Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform, which is going from strength to strength. Recently five films supported by the platform were screened at the Istanbul International Film Festival, an achievement that Turkey Coordinator Çiğdem Mater is very proud of.

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Video of the month – “Zenit”: Art of Adventure, Adventure of Art

“Art is a big lie through which we look for the truth” says Krenar Zejno, quoting Picasso. This writer, publisher and founder of the bookstore and cultural centre Zenit in Tirana, Albania has shaped Zenit according to the principle of ‘Art for the sake of Art’. In doing so, he has created a home for all culture lovers.

Watch the video now!


Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia

From 10 July to 25 August, Dubrovnik will yet again come alive with culture in one of the region’s oldest and most respected cultural festivals.

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Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

The Exit Festival is renowned as one of the biggest live music parties in the world. This year will be no different.

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Journalist, rock critic and expert sailor Zlatko Gall has recently published a cookbook which glories in the gastronomy of Croatia’s coastal regions. Read all about it in our  interview and try out his  sardines or anchovies in olive and caper sauce recipe. Guaranteed to bring pleasure on a balmy summer evening!

All the recipes on Southeast Europe: People and Culture are now also available to  download as pdfs on the site. Collect your favourites to your very own cook book!

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