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Winter may be well and truly over in Europe, but this year’s Sarajevo Winter Festival, held between 7-28 February still leaves warm memories. Held under the title ‘The Art of Love’, this festival yet again brought leading talents from around the world and the region to Sarajevo. Running every year since 1984, the year the Winter Olympics were held in the city, the Sarajevo Winter Festival has become one of the premier fixtures in the region’s cultural scene.

Find out what the festival means to the citizens of Sarajevo and its visitors in this month’s  video of the month...


As well as visiting Sarajevo, Southeast Europe: People and Culture met artist Dita Starova from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, whose recent exhibition ‘The Language of Colours’ was shown in both her own country and Bulgaria. This young artist states that no-one who follows a creative path can explain why they have chosen this life, but that the role of every artist is to create an original world. She certainly seems to have succeeded. We are also continuing our exploration of the natural wonders of the region with a look at the Dalyan Delta in Turkey where the once endangered loggerhead sea turtle is thriving thanks to the efforts of conservationists.

  Dita Starova: Fluent in the Language of Colours
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 11 April 2011

Dita Starova spent most of her childhood in Paris, France where she admired and copied from great masters like Renoir and Monet. Now back in her homeland, she is creating her own artistic language, in part based on her fascination with the myth of Pandora’s Box and its message for humanity.

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  Dalyan: Where sea turtle conservation and tourism go hand in hand
Turkey: 22 March 2011

Tourism is often seen as a threat to conservation efforts. However, in the southwestern Turkish province of Dalyan increasing numbers of tourists have been combined with successful efforts to protect the region’s unique biodiversity.

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Video of the month – The Sarajevo Winter Festival

“Sarajevo is the symbol for the Sarajevo Winter Festival because all citizens are behind it” says Ibrahim Spahić, Director of the Festival. Every year, the city bursts with artistic creativity during the month of February.

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Art Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is developing a fantastic reputation for contemporary art – the Art Bosphorus fair, which will take place between 28 April and 1 May is the place to see why.

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International Festival of Modern and Contemporary Dance, Durres, Albania

Durres, the oldest city in Albania, will once again be celebrating the most contemporary of art forms, modern dance, from 15 May – 10 June.

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