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As longstanding users of the website will know, Southeast Europe is blessed with exceptional natural beauty and biodiversity. Species of plants, fish, mammals and birds which are long extinct in other parts of Europe thrive in the meadows, wetlands, mountains, rivers and lakes of the region. From the mild and verdant Adriatic climate of  Plitvice National Park in Croatia to the moon-like surfaces of the  Göreme Valley in Turkey’s famous Cappadocia region, all nature lovers will find unique landscapes and treasured memories in Southeast Europe’s stunning outdoors.

In honour of this remarkable natural heritage, Southeast Europe: People and Culture has presented the natural wonders of the region in photo exhibitions in Madrid, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brussels. You can visit this exhibition also at our
 online photo gallery. In addition, to know more about what lies ‘behind the photo’, we have now published a series of articles explaining the conservation efforts, challenges and history represented by each photo.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when talking about places like the breathtaking  "Blue Eye" spring in Albania or the transboundary park around  Prespa Lake, a little context can help too…

We hope you enjoy this new set of articles.


As well as looking at the region’s natural heritage, this month Southeast Europe: People and Culture visits young artists in Kosovo*, who like many of their counterparts in the region are pioneering new methods and injecting new life into old techniques.
The  video of the month meets three of these dynamic young people and explores their motivations, outlook and interests. We also meet Marija Perović, Montenegro’s first internationally renowned female film director, and Nedžad Ibrišimović, one of the greatest living authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who has set up a Legological Society in the country to encourage reading. .

  The “Legological Society” of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 07 March 2011

“Reading is a process that is almost as complex as writing” says author Nedžad Ibrišimović, who is trying to encourage the art of reading in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To achieve his objective, Ibrišimović has set up a ‘Legological Society’.

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  Maria Perović: Look at Me
Montenegro: 16 March 2011

"Making films is difficult everywhere and at the same time not difficult anywhere because it is the sort of work you love," says Marija Perović, who is not only one of the most popular directors in Montenegro, but is also developing an impressive reputation abroad.

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Video of the month – Kosovo*’s Young Artists: The Diversity of a New Wave

Whether using oils on canvas, sculpture or multimedia performances, the one thing that unites the new wave of Kosovo artists is their freshness. Meet three artists who represent the future of Kosovo’s art scene...

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Belgrade Dance Festival, Belgrade, Serbia

From 03-18 April Belgrade will spring to life, with a Dance Festival featuring the best from the region and the world...

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Skopje International Film Festival, Skopje, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

From 15-21 April Skopje will once again welcome film lovers from home and abroad to a festival that celebrates the art of cinema...

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Treat yourself this month to a simple, yet delicious dish of  “Qifki” - rice balls from Southern Albania. The secret apparently is in the mint you use, so make sure to find a good quality source before making them.

All the recipes on Southeast Europe: People and Culture are now also available to  download as pdfs on the site. Collect your favourites to your very own cook book!

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