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The days in most parts of Europe are getting longer and spring is perceptibly on its way. This does not mean however that the time for winter sports is over. This month, join Southeast Europe: People and Culture for a trip to Croatia’s ski slopes. Also discover how ‘more light’ is not just a natural phenomenon at this time of year, but an exciting Albanian literary journal and experience an authentic Southeast European Carnival in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia...


This month, we take you to Vevčani, in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where locals usher in New Year according to the Julian calendar through a number of local traditions, both elaborate and intimate at the same time. We also visit Albania and meet multitalented author and translator Mira Meksi, whose journal ‘Mehr Licht’ promotes the best in Albanian literary culture.

The video of the month takes us to Croatia, where we find out how skiing, which used to have a comparatively modest following has now become one of the most followed sports in the country.

  "Mehr Licht 2010" Literature Prize for Best Albanian Cultural Essay
Albania: 19 January 2011

Running already for 15 years, the journal ‘Mehr Licht’ ('more light') is one of the foremost literary journals in Albania. Southeast Europe: People and Culture speaks to the magazine’s founder Mira Meksi about her novels and inspirations as well as her journal’s new literary prize.

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  Exuberant Welcome to the New Year
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 23 January 2011

Not content with celebrating New Year’s Eve only once, the villagers of Vevčani in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia repeat the experience on 13 January in honour of the Orthodox Christian Julian calendar’s New Year. A mixture of grotesque costumes, satire and carnival enthusiasm make this an experience that has to be seen to be believed.

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Video of the month – Skiing in Croatia: Every Year More Popular

With 300,000 Croats skiing every season and over a million people following the sport from home, this small country of 4.4 million people can be officially declared ‘skiing mad’. Yet it wasn’t always so. Find out why skiing has experienced a boom in popularity in Croatia.

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FEST 2011, Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade’s 39th international film festival will take place this year between 25 February and 6 March. The opening film will be a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus starring British actor Ralph Fiennes.

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Ankara Premiere of Fazil Say’s Istanbul Symphony, Ankara, Turkey

Internationally renowned pianist and composer Fazil Say will be present on 4 and 5 March at the Ankara premiere of his ‘Istanbul Symphony’. He will also be performing Gershwin’s Piano Concerto in F major.

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This month’s recipe comes from Montenegro. Try traditional  Carp in a Frying Pan!

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