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This month, meet the writer Goce Smilevski from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, who won the 2010 European Union Prize for Literature and find out about the No Frontiers dance festival in Montenegro, which brings together able bodied and disabled dancers from across the region.

The  video of the month showcases Istanbul as an up and coming fashion centre, where talented designers serve a fashion conscious and discerning public.

  The Taste of Words According to Goce Smilevski
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:

23 December 2010

Goce Smilevski is a writer who won the  European Union Prize for Literature 2010, for his last book ‘Sigmund Freud's Sister’, along with 10 other European authors. Writer Joshua Cohen has described Smilevski “a young heir to Gunter Grass and Jose Saramago.” According to him, “Smilevski might be the newest of a rare thing -- a living European novelist with a message for the future of his continent."

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  No Frontiers – Inclusion, Culture, Art Montenegro: 08 January 2011

No Frontiers – Inclusion, Culture, Art is a festival which allows both disabled and able bodied dancers to express themselves through the medium of contemporary dance. The brainchild of Olga Zulović, president of the NGO Performa Ars International in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, this year’s festival was held in Herceg Novi.

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Video of the month – "Istanbul doesn’t do fashion, Istanbul IS fashion"

While Turkey has traditionally been a centre for the production of clothes, leaving design to more established fashion capitals such as London, Paris and Milan, Istanbul is now developing an impressive reputation as the new design metropolis...

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"Sarajevo Winter", Bosnia and Herzegovina

The 27th "Sarajevo Winter" Festival officially opens on 7 February and will run until 28 February. Art, Film, Dance and Theatre will all be on show.

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Night of the Museums, Croatia

On 28 January a number of museums in Croatia will open their doors throughout the night to curious visitors.

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Try a taste from Albania this month with our recipe for rabbit stew -   Comlek. Yum!

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