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Having received some 3200 photos from photographers all over Europe, we are happy to announce the winners of the Southeast Europe: People and Culture photo competition!

A jury consisting of internationally acclaimed professional photographers selected the best 24 photos of the competition at the end of January 2010. From these semifinalists they then chose three prize winners. The semifinalists were published on  www.southeast-europe.eu, where the public were able to vote for their favourite from 19 February until 26 March. Over 3800 people from all over Europe casted their votes, choosing the fourth and final winner.

The winners of the competition are:

First prize: Tuna Akçay, Turkey
Second Prize: Aga Luczakowska, Poland
Third Prize: Abdurrahman Antakyali, Turkey
Public’s Favourite Award: Arzu Dogru, Turkey

To see the winning photos of the competition please click  here

All four prize winners will be awarded with cameras or other photographic equipment. They will also be invited to see their work on display at public exhibitions in Madrid and in Brussels in May-June, 2010.

Congratulations to the four winners and thank you to everyone who participated and voted in the competition!


This month’s new features remind us that culture, be it good food or interesting literature, enriches the human spirit and fosters connections across time and space.

  The Bosnian Cookbook
- Bosnia and Herzegovina: 30 April 2010

The Bosnian Cookbook by Lamija Hadžiosmanović is not just a collection of traditional recipes. It is a tapestry of intricate glimpses into the tableside customs and culinary traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina that succeeds in captivating all the senses as it chronicles the rich history of cooking in this country.

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  An Electronic Guide through the Region’s Alternative Culture
- Serbia: 15 March

In 2009, Belgrade based Urban Bug magazine launched its first regional web edition - mag.urbanbug.net. The project, being conducted under the slogan, "Urban Culture Knows No Borders" contains digital content posted by associates based in the republics of the former Yugoslavia. The magazine started five years ago as a free, pocket-sized, monthly publication covering all aspects of city culture, including music, travel, film, fashion, extreme sports, and other universal subjects of interest to today's younger generations.

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Southeast Europe: A Cultural Journey – Featured Artist

Andrej Nikolaidis is considered one of Montenegro’s most talented and outspoken writers. He is well-known for his critical newspaper columns, but is also the author of three novels and several collections of short stories. He attended Southeast Europe: A Cultural Journey and you can read more about him here


The journey that is bringing the multi-facetted culture of Southeast Europe to your doorstep continues with the next legs of the tour taking the sights, sounds and sensory thrills of the region to Belgium and the Netherlands. Don’t miss out! For more information, check out the  official website.


This month’s recipe is guaranteed to broaden your culinary horizons. The Albanian version of Stuffed Vine leaves in Olive Oil is a simple but effective fusion of flavours that provides the perfect accompaniment to grilled Salmon steaks. Have a look at   this recipe and try it for yourself.

Love to cook food from Southeast Europe? Why not share the taste of the region and send your traditional recipes to:

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