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A big thanks to all of you who have shared your image of Southeast Europe and submitted your photos to the Southeast Europe: People and Culture photo competition - we have received some astonishingly beautiful pictures!

The  pan-European jury will meet on 29 January in Brussels to review the more than 3000 photos that were entered. As well as choosing three winners, the jury will select the best 24 pictures which will be uploaded on  www.southeast-europe.eu. You, the public, will then have your chance to vote for your favourite image and choose the fourth and final winner. Online voting starts on 9 February and ends on 23 March - don't forget to cast your vote!

This month our writers introduce some of the region's leading creative thinkers and an art exhibition in Serbia that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. Keep reading to find out more!


Montenegro's literary scene is entering a new season and our featured contributor for the month, Vuk Perović, profiled some of the most interesting new writers from the country for this edition of the Southeast Europe: People and Culture newsletter.

  New Voices in Montenegrin Literature -
Montenegro: 15 January 2010

Until the generation of authors that began forming during the 1990s, Montenegro had never had a group of writers of similar age who shared attitudes but also brought something fresh to its literary scene. But after the country's independence, a generation of new voices emerged.

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  Half a Century of Tradition: Belgrade's October Salon Art Show - Serbia: 15 January 2010

An international exhibition of artwork from Serbia, the region, and the world, held every October in Serbia's capital city, this year's Oktobarski Salon took place from October 2 to 15 and marked 50 years of existence.

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This month's featured writer

Name:  Vuk Perović
Age:  33
Based in:  Podgorica
Current profession:  Journalist, RTV ATLAS (editor of film programme and host of the prime time TV show about culture "Sabirni centar")

What attracted you to a career in journalism?
The possibility of everyday learning. I'm curious and enthusiastic and I have always liked meeting interesting people.

What is your favourite aspect of cultural journalism?
In the first place movies, but also music and literature...in a phrase: Pop culture.
Vuk wrote this month's contribution about new voices in Montenegrin literature.


  European Young Journalist Award 2010 / Deadline: 28 February 2010

The European Young Journalist Award 2010 has been launched! Any young and aspiring journalists, aged 17-35, who are citizens of an EU member state, candidate country, potential candidate or Iceland can submit their entries that focus on EU Enlargement. National juries will select 36 winners, out of whom three will receive further Special Prizes.

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This month's recipe is perfect for cold winter days. Jani Me Fasul (Bean Jahni Soup) is an Albanian speciality that is simple to prepare and perfectly suited for a starter or even a main course. Have a look at  this recipe and try it for yourself.

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