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As the festive season enters into full force there are all the more reasons to celebrate people and culture. Why not capture your image of Southeast Europe’s rich diversity and submit it to theSoutheast Europe: People and Culture photo competition! In less than one month, a  pan- European jury will select the winners who will have their photos exhibited in Madrid and Brussels, be invited to attend the exhibition openings and win other great prizes.

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This month our writers give you the inside scoop on pop culture in Southeast Europe. Our featured contributor for the month, Aleksandar Arezina, who was born in Croatia and now lives in Belgrade, shares his passion for music and introduces you to one of the most popular bands in the region, Letu Štuke. Keep reading to find out more!


This month we give you the inside scoop on one of the region’s best kept musical secrets and show you why football fever will have run for its money in Montenegro in 2010.

  Letu Štuke – The Next Big Thing? – Bosnia and Herzegovina: December 2009

In its five years of existence and after two albums, Letu Štuke, a rock band from Sarajevo, has picked up numerous accolades and quite a following in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the neighbouring Croatia.

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  Europe's water polo champions come from Montenegro – Montenegro: December 2009

Although the World Football Championship will probably be the biggest sports event in 2010, sports fans in Montenegro are far more eager about the upcoming European Water Polo Championship. The success Montenegro’s national team and water polo clubs have achieved in recent years has ranked this sport as the country’s absolute favourite.

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This month's featured writer

Name:  Aleksandar Arezina
Age:  37
Based in:  Belgrade
Current profession:  Entertainment editor and journalist

What is your favourite aspect of cultural journalism?
I'd have to go with MUSIC. Although you may not know it, Southeast Europe has more than a few musicians that stand equal to anything produced internationally. So, writing about our music is a real pleasure and a treat! I could give you a few names, just ask…

Who is your favourite artist from the region and why?
At the moment I am loving a little known band from Novi Sad called Emanuil. Their sound is a combination of The Smiths, Darko Rundek and Idoli singing together in an orthodox church – hauntingly beautiful.


  Southeast Europe Photo Competition / Deadline: 20 January 2010

Are you passionate about photography? Do you appreciate the beauty of Southeast Europe? Then enter the "Southeast Europe: People and Culture" photo competition and share your vision of the region!

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  European Young Journalist Award 2010 / Deadline: 28 February 2010

The European Young Journalist Award 2010 has been launched! Any young and aspiring journalists, aged 17-35, who are citizens of an EU member state, candidate country, potential candidate or Iceland can submit their entries that focus on EU Enlargement. National juries will select 36 winners, out of whom three will receive further Special Prizes.

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This month’s recipe is a local spin on a festive season classic. Why not bring something new to your Christmas celebration by trying the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s take on "Roasted Lamb with potatoes"? Have a look at    this recipe and try it for yourself.

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