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Celebrating the New Year in Albania with Baklava

Albanian Chef Wins International Gastronomy Festival Award

Gastronomic Rivalries: The Pastrmajlija Syndrome

In search of a classic Albanian Cookbook

Zlatko Gall: To sail is fun, but to cook is necessary

Video: Gastronomy, Hospitality and Tradition in Albania - Interview with chef Gjon Dukgilaj

Eco-Ethno Croatia

Istrian Truffle Days

Korça Takes Pride in Its Feast of Beer

"Culinaria" Showcases the Best of Food in Southeast Europe

Albanian cuisine – tradition and innovation

Fliya, Pancakes “Kosovo style”

Between tradition and modernity: The Art of Food Preparation in Serbia

The Bosnian Cookbook

Šara Cheese – A Jealously Guarded Secret

Video: Istanbul’s Cultural and Artistic Life Becomes Delicious!

Jardum – Montenegro’s Vitality Elixir

Recipes from the region

Flavours of Istanbul: 5 Senses in Turkish

What’s Cooking on Croatia’s Mainland?

Chefs without borders

Barbecue Serbian style: The gigantic “pljeskavica” in Leskovac


Days of Wine and Bleak

Bodrum and olive oil: Aegean delicacies

On the road to Europe: The revolution of Macedonian wines**

Barbecue and desserts: Cooking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Album Competition

Inva Mula

Inva Mula, born in Tirana, Albania in 1963, is one of the leading sopranos of her generation. Famous to filmgoers as the voice featured in the Diva Dance in Luc Besson’s Fifth Element, she has performed to great acclaim across the world, and is a regular performer at La Scala in Milan. Her album Il bel sogno is performed with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ivo Lipanović and features famous arias by Puccini, Gounod, Massenet and Verdi.

Read more and win the album

Upcoming events

One World Human Rights Film Festival, 12-16 December

The One World Human Rights Festival will take place in Pristina from 12-16 December. Its aim is to promote human rights, freedoms, and democracy, but also to feature meaningful debates on issues like human rights, civil society, foreign policy, environmental policy, etc.

Tirana International Film Festival, 5-10 December

The Tirana International FIlm Festival (TIFF) is the first international cinema festival of its kind in Albania and will be held from 5-10 December

Recipe of the month

Serbian Cheese Pita (Gibanica)

Gibanica is a delicious pastry made with Serbian white cheese and can be made for a festive occasion or as a comforting familiar snack.

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